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EnterpriseDB, Postgres Maker, Raises $19 Million

IBM, Red Hat, and NTT are backing the open source database maker.
EnterpriseDB, the company with Postgres Plus, a commercial database system based on open source PostgreSQL, has finished a third round of funding amounting to $19 million. Investors included IBM and Red Hat.

IBM was an investor in EnterpriseDB's second round of funding and lead this round. Red Hat has distributed the open source code PostgreSQL, often simply pronounced Postgres, for nine years as part of its Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution, but this is the first time it's invested in a firm based on the project's BSD-licensed, open source code.

EnterpriseDB sells a commercial version, Postgres Plus, which CEO Ed Boyajian termed the database equivalent to Red Hat's Enterprise Linux, a fully SQL-compliant relational database system for the enterprise. This round of funding "helps us bring the hardened version of Postgres to market," he said. The Westford, Mass., firm now employs 90.

Postgres Plus includes, among other things, compatibility with Oracle's PL/SQL data access language. Applications built to run against Oracle will work with Postgres Plus, according to customers, such as Sony Online Entertainment and FTD Inc.

EnterpriseDB will expand an existing partnership with Red Hat as a result of the investment, Boyajian said. Red Hat and his firm will tune Postgres Plus to optimize it for operations with Red Hat's JBoss middleware, widely used by Java programmers looking for an alternative to commercial application servers.

"JBoss commands a great share of corporate developer attention," noted Boyajian. He's hoping Red Hat's willingness to invest will rub off in terms of greater developer interest in Postgres Plus, as well.

An additional investor in the firm's C round was NTT, the Japanese telecommunications giant.

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