epcSolutions Releases Free RFID/EPC Middleware

ThingsNet is designed to connect RFID data to any enterprise application, including Oracle and SAP ERP systems.
epcSolutions has announced the release of the latest version of its ThingsNet RFID middleware solution. Designed to be an integration layer between enterprise applications and EPC/RFID logistical data, ThingsNet reportedly meets or exceeds the standards set by current Wal-Mart, Tesco, Albertson's, and Department of Defense RFID mandates.

ThingsNet 1.5 allows users to connect their RFID data to any enterprise application, including Oracle and SAP ERP systems. It runs on all Java virtual machine platforms and is compliant with JBDC databases. With the ability to easily add edge and non-edge servers, ThingsNet is highly scalable to enterprise operations of a wide range of sizes.

Best of all, ThingsNet is agressively-priced - in fact, it's free. According to epcSolutions CEO Kevil Kail, the free availability of software through its development process has given the company insight into its customers' requirements and allowed it to craft a solution tailored to their needs.

"A direct result of all of the activity at our website has been the invaluable feedback from our participants," Kail said in a statement. "By coupling that input with what we are learning hands-on with our own customers in on-going pilots and implementations, we are enabling, and really enhancing, the value chain that our customers are striving for."

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