ERP-Link and Quantrix Partner to Deliver Business Intelligence Solution that Revolutionizes ERP Data Capture and Use

Combination of tools to enable businesses to use their ERP data for "what if" financial modeling at a fraction of traditional ETL pricing.
Quantrix and ERP-Link have partnered to deliver a solution that helps businesses access and use the business data and intelligence locked into their ERP applications. Quantrix's desktop quantitative modeling software application, Quantrix Modeler, now integrates with ERP-Link's .NET-based Rapid Integration Platforms for SAP. Using ERP-Link's info-integration tools, companies can unlock and utilize the ERP data held within their SAP system to create and maintain complex, multidimensional financial models within Quantrix Modeler. The companies have announced that the joint solution is less than five percent of the cost of traditional extract-translate-load (ETL) toolsets for SAP's Operational Data Store and Business Warehouse (BW).

ERP tools currently provide users with the ability to create static as well as interactive reports and queries. The combination of ERP-Link and Quantrix Modeler helps enterprises go beyond reporting and analysis into analyzing the past and modeling for the future.

"Using ERP-Link's info-integrator for SAP, businesses that need to unlock and use the ERP data held within their SAP systems can now instantly access that information from within Quantrix Modeler," says Eric Anderson, President of ERP-Link. "Quantrix Modeler is a unique tool. It addresses a huge shortcoming with ERP software packages which don't offer the 'what-if', forward-looking analytic capability businesses need."

"ERP-Link's tools solve the classic business intelligence problem of unlocking access to crucial data," says Chris Houle, COO of Quantrix. "Now, users have a much more flexible way to navigate the convoluted table structures and grab the data they need, link into Quantrix Modeler, and develop the financial models, budgets, and forecasts that drive their business."

The combination of the two tools should enable businesses to capture and use their data at a fraction of the cost of traditional tools. While building an SAP report from scratch can cost upwards of $15,000, users can capture data within minutes with ERP-Link's info integrator, and import them directly into Quantrix to create a financial model.

With ERP-Link's iNet.BI for SAP R/3 and SAP BW, companies can instantly use any info object in a SAP system as a data source for reporting, modeling, and analytic applications. The company partners with third-party software vendors with innovative solutions such as Quantrix, to help businesses efficiently use their ERP data.

Quantrix Modeler incorporates a unique approach that separates the logic of a model from the structure, which allows users to create and use formulas outside the confines of the cell. Formulas are expressed in words rather than by cell coordinates so they are easy to understand, trace, and audit. Users can make changes, incorporate new dimensions, and view multiple scenarios dynamically without redesigning or reworking their model.