ETI Guarantees Success with Customized Integration Solutions

Built-to-order integration aims to revolutionize the delivery of data integration solutions.
ETI (Evolutionary Technologies International, Inc.), a global provider of data integration solutions, has introduced ETI Built-to-Order Integration, which it bills as a "revolutionary" way of delivering data integration that reduces time-to-value, dramatically reduces costs and the maintenance associated with most data integration projects. According to the company, ETI Built-to-Order (BTO) Integration provides all the benefits of enterprise ETL platforms, but requires no platform software to purchase, no infrastructure hardware to buy, no training or configuration skills, no maintenance burden and no risk. Clients are delivered exactly what they need at a minimum 50 percent cost reduction over platform based solutions.

AMR Research reports that maintenance fees are consuming 40 percent of data integration budgets. For years companies have relied on difficult-to-implement and expensive-to-maintain data integration solutions, but only ETI BTO Integration offers connectivity and transformation, incorporated into a single custom solution. Developed in ETI's Integration Center (iCenter) and leveraging the power of the award-winning ETI Solution V5, BTO Integration generates ready-to-run connectors that meet specific integration needs and business processing requirements. ETI integration engineers apply best practices, learned from more than 400 customer engagements over 15 years, to deliver the exact integration solution needed in as little as two weeks.

"Organizations in all geographies and vertical industries face significant pressure to address data oriented challenges and derive greater value from their data," said Ted Friedman, Gartner Research Vice President and co-author of the July 2006 report entitled "Hype Cycle for Data Management, 2006." "Understanding the evolutionary pace of well-established data management technologies, as well as awareness of emerging technologies and approaches, will enable organizations to maximize their data management investments. Further, the concept of data services, although adolescent, will grow in adoption as organizations recognize the importance of data and data integration for success with service-oriented architecture (SOA) initiatives."

ETI iCenter provides sophisticated transformation capabilities based on individual customer needs. These capabilities include multi-step processing, conditional logic, data lookup, string manipulation, conversion capabilities, profiling, metadata discovery and data cleansing capabilities, all built into the connector based on customer needs. BTO Integration also utilizes native interfaces to streamline code path lengths, without an intermediate integration engine - or black box - delivering up to a 20x performance increase over comparable solutions.

"Organizations that leverage BTO Integration get the data movement and complex transformations they need without the obstacles of large enterprise platforms," said ETI president and CEO, Ron Baker. "This offering provides an innovative solution for enterprises and guarantees the best time to value integration solution on the market."

BTO Integration is designed to help organizations create a transparent enterprise where all data architectures, both legacy and state-of-the-art, work hand-in-hand to provide visibility into every aspect of the organization. The average large business has islands of information with as many as 50 applications and over 10 different databases supporting mission critical business processes. Extending and complementing existing data information assets already in place, ETI BTO Integration connects to virtually any data source including mainframes, data warehouses, file systems, legacy databases, proprietary applications, message buses and web services. No data is too old, too proprietary or too complex.

BTO Integration is designed to meet the needs of large organizations, both Global 1000 and government organizations, as well as Systems Integrators, who can use iCenter ready-to-run solutions to lower the cost and risk on integration projects. Independent Software Vendors can also take advantage of BTO Integration to speed application deployments, utilizing ETI's expertise in data integration.