Euclid To Provide Greater Transparency Into IT

New offering graphically illustrates relationships between IT and business processes.
Euclid Inc. has expanded its Business Service Management Suite with a new module that provides managers and executives with even greater transparency into enterprise IT. The Euclid Business Service Catalog integrates with the Single View Console, creating a consolidated view of business services.

The new offering provides detailed descriptions of each service's function, and graphically illustrates relationships between IT and business processes. With the Business Service Catalog, users can demonstrate how IT is meeting business objectives by comparing the performance, availability and cost of both current and historic service levels.

"Transparency is the key to our vision: IT must not only understand its impact on the business, but all stakeholders in the business must also understand the value IT is delivering to the operation," Euclid president and CEO Patty Azzarello said in a statement. "With this announcement, Euclid is providing businesses with an unprecedented level of transparency into how IT is impacting the overall health of the business, and takes us a step further in providing the most complete and comprehensive BSM suite on the market."

In addition to the Business Service Catalog and the Single View Console, the Euclid Business Service Management suite includes two other applications. The Business Information Server manages the high volume of business information and provides BSM metrics an analytics and the Information Broker can extract information from any data source.