Facebook To Lose Director Of Engineering

Aditya Agarwal is moving on after more than five years in the position.
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After more than five years as director of engineering, Aditya Agarwal is leaving Facebook effective Friday.

In a posting on, appropriately enough, his Facebook page, Agarwal mused on his years at the social media giant, yet did not disclose his future plans. Agarwal joined the company after a 15-minute interview, he said.

"I have extreme pride in the technology and products we have built. We have created everything from one of the world's most queried search engines to scalable RPC frameworks to an under-the-hood massively scalable distributed graph database. We have built products that have defined the essence of a social experience -- Search, NewsFeed, Ads, Credits, Profile(s), Photos, Places," said Agarwal in his post.

"I am extremely inspired by the changes that Facebook has affected throughout the Internet ecosystem and how it has changed user expectations about great products. Our platform has created a unique set of opportunities for building products on the foundations of the social graph. It will be the cornerstone of many future disruptions, some of which I hope to accelerate," he added.

Agarwal was one of the co-authors of open-source remote procedure call (RPC) framework Thrift, according to reports. Before joining Facebook in August 2005, he spent almost a year working at Oracle. Prior to that, he attended graduate school at Carnegie Mellon. In August 2005, the social networking site officially changed its name to Facebook from and, a month later, expanded to include high school networks, according to the company's official timeline.

"After nearly five-and-a-half years, Aditya Agarwal has decided to leave the company. Aditya has been a key contributor since Facebook's early days and while he'll be greatly missed, we wish him all the best as he considers his next adventure," Facebook spokesperson Larry Yu told All Things Digital.

Facebook has at least one other director of engineering on staff, according to a search of LinkedIn. Jay Parikh has held that title since November 2009, the business networking site listing said.

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