Femtocells Faster Than Standard Wireless, Tests Show

Using its HubBub CDMA femtocell technology, Airvana said that its test rates exceeded 2 Mbps in homes on a statistically reliable basis.
What's the fastest wireless technology around the home and office? According to Airvana, it's femtocells.

The company on Monday said it has successfully tested femtocell data transfers and found that they are five times the rates of standard indoor wireless services.

Using its HubBub CDMA femtocell technology, Airvana conducted the tests in single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments in urban, suburban, and rural settings, running the tests three times at the different locations. The company, which specializes in CDMA-related technology and services, said the test rates exceeded 2 Mbps in the homes on a statistically reliable basis.

"The ability to consistently deliver 4G-like mobile broadband speeds from a 3G femtocell will open the door to greater mobile broadband adoption," Sanjeev Verma, Airvana's VP of femtocell business and corporate development, said in a statement. The findings are particularly important concerning the in-home use of data, Airvana said, pointing out that market research firm Informa has produced statistics that demonstrate that 36% of voice calls and 45% of mobile data usage is carried out in consumers' homes.

Airvana noted that most previous attention to femtocells has focused on indoor coverage for voice services.

Observing that it will present its femtocell test results in a paper at the upcoming CTIA Wireless 2009 show April 1-3 in Las Vegas, Airvana also cited a Femto Forum-sponsored study by Signals Research Group that maintains femtocells are a more inexpensive way than wide area networks to provide robust wireless data services.

"Femtocells, because of their physical proximity to the end user, are able to deliver a consistent high-speed data experience," the study said, adding that femtocells provide wider coverage at a lower cost.

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