Field Report: SAIC, San Diego

Streamlined navigation keeps users on site.

Poor site navigation is an almost universal problem preventing companies from collecting effective leads and sales from their Web sites. SAIC, the nation's largest employee-owned research and engineering company, recently realized its Web sites were underperforming. SAIC is comprised of many business units, each of which sells a different product or service. The Web development team had to figure out how to help visitors quickly navigate from the home page to their appropriate area of interest and, once there, submit a request for information. Each business unit relies on these inbound leads to generate sales.

Using WebSideStory's HBX on-demand Web analytics, SAIC can see exactly how visitors are navigating, what content they view, and which pages they exit on. This intelligence and "measure-respond-measure" analytics process has let SAIC clear roadblocks and dramatically streamline site navigation. By using HBX's Form Abandonment capability to see exactly where visitors are bailing out of lead generation forms, SAIC reduced the number of required fields in these forms from six to three and saw an immediate 10 percent increase in conversions. Overall, SAIC has seen a threefold increase in the number of online leads it generates.