Future CIO: Embrace Digital, Become A Business Partner

CIOs should prepare for an era of digital disruption where a decentralized IT department is spread across the company.
InformationWeek research shows that many CIOs are looking forward. According to our 2013 Global CIO survey covering IT trends and concerns, collaboration with other departments and preparation for and investment in new technologies are priorities (118 IT executives at organizations with 100 or more employees were surveyed in Feb. 2013).

--When asked about the primary areas on which they spend their time, 33% of respondents answered, "Educating myself about the next wave of technologies."

--Similarly, when asked about what represents the main opportunity for CIOs today, the top two answers were "Use customer/business data to influence new products and services and drive growth," and "Move the company closer to its customers via technology."

--Respondents cited Web and mobile applications as the top two most important platforms to building closer ties with external customers.

--A large majority of respondents report that collaboration with customer service, finance, operations/manufacturing and marketing departments are all good or excellent.

Out in the real word, there are plenty examples of forward-looking CIOs using mobile, social and data analytics tools and working with other departments to solve business problems. Take a look at our annual InformationWeek 500 coverage for stories of IT innovators that turned great ideas into action.

Of course, we do NOT live in some utopia where business and IT execs always see eye-to-eye and CIOs are content with their budgets. But our survey results and InformationWeek 500 winners indicate CIOs are working to adapt to a new order.

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