Global CIO: Why Apple's iPad Will Be A Great Business Device

Is it the big screen, or the Apple magic, or the software? And will CIOs shortlist or blacklist?
-- When the iPhone came out, specially tailored business apps for the iPhone flooded into the AppStore. Are we seeing early signs of the same for the iPad?

-- Apple has never been exactly rah-rah on getting into the enterprise space so it's not likely the company will break with that tradition and suddenly be keen on developing adaptations and add-ons and such to suit business needs and desires. Will CIOs go for a buying big volumes of a product when the seller doesn't really care about them as customers?

-- CIOs have been hoarding budget dollars and will need some real vigorous LOB evangelizing before they'll be willing to toss around lots of cash for devices in their first version and carrying prices that will likely fall pretty far pretty fast. Will this lead to lots of tire-kicking (screen-flicking?) but little buying?

Schwarz says no way--he's predicting Apple will sell 10 million iPads this year. The trick is, as an investor, he desperately wants that to happen--but will customers share that passion?


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