Global Security Defends Children

Global Security One is warning parents that they need to remain vigilant with regards to their children's online activities

LONDON -- Global Security One (GSEC1) is warning parents that they need to remain vigilant with regards to their children's online activities, following the recent news that reports of websites featuring child abuse have gone up since 2005. "Members of the public are to be congratulated on being sufficiently conscientious to report sites containing images of child abuse to the Internet Watch Foundation and the IWF is to be praised for raising awareness of the issues and its very worthwhile role," says Mark Brooks, International Technology Manager of Manchester-based GSEC1.

"There can be little doubt of the daunting nature of the challenge of policing the web and charging and prosecuting the criminals who profit from the misery of innocents. However, it is a cause worth fighting for and parents should take comfort from the fact that there are official bodies working to keep their children safe."

Parents face the problem of it being impractical to constantly oversee their children's online activities. Potentially damaging online material can take many guises, including websites, chat rooms where grooming can take place, blogs, abusive emails sent by other schoolchildren, and even videos of children being bullied by others taken on their mobile phones - so called happy slapping - and then posted on the Internet

Mark and many of his colleagues at GSEC1 are themselves parents and appreciate the reality of their children wanting to surf, ostensibly for school projects or just to catch up with friends and classmates. Their concerns gave rise to the four year development program resulting in the development of the XGate, a device which monitors real time children's online activity and alerts parents if relevant by email or text message to inappropriate material and/or behaviour in terms of website content, chat room activity and emails and their attachments.

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