Google Chrome 10 Boosts Performance, Management

Google releases a new version of its Web browser every six weeks, so a new release of the Chrome browser is usually light on new features. That's true for Chrome 10, but the improvements in the new version of the browser are welcome. Probably the biggest new feature is the new Crankshaft V8 engine for JavaScript. Along with other performance improvements, the JavaScript engine clearly puts Chrome right at the top of browser performance, based on a variety of benchmarks. Chrome 10 has also added

The Google Chrome Web browser in its short lifetime has been one of the most influential and innovative browsers on the market. The influence of Chrome's clean and sparse interface can be seen in Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9, and the Google browser's fast pace of improvement is forcing many other browsers to catch up. The newest release, Chrome 10, retains many of the interface features of previous versions, with changes mainly seen only in defining browser settings. Current users of the Chrome browser will be automatically upgraded to the latest version of the Google Web browser.

Users also will notice some new interface features, including the revised Options interface. Opening Options from the Chrome Tool menu will display them in a standard browser tab rather than launching a separate box. The interface is cleaner and lets users use a search box to find the settings they want to change in the Options window. A nice aspect is that this feature worked even when a search term was inside another box inside the Options -- there is a yellow arrow that shows you where to click to find the searched-for term. They should make this standard across all settings and enable this type of search to work across all parts of the browser controls. You can use the updated Chrome Sync feature, which makes it possible to use a Google or Gmail account to share bookmarks and preferences across installations of Chrome on different systems, to also share saved passwords between Chrome installs on different systems.


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