Google I/O Preview: 9 Potential Products

Get ready for Android Jelly Bean, Google's Nexus tablet, and a host of new products and services to launch at Google's developer conference this week.
5. Google Playbox
Google has been testing some form of consumer-oriented hardware, what it calls a "next-generation personal communications device." In order to avoid upsetting its hardware partners, it's probably something other than a phone or tablet. The Wall Street Journal reports it's a device for streaming music through the home, something akin to Apple's AirPort Express. Such a device could help make Google Music more appealing.

6. Google TV
Google TV 2.0 hardware was introduced earlier this year. There's a Sony set-top box and an LG television. But Google needs to do more to remain in this race. It's unclear what Google could do to restore confidence in its TV venture, but it has to do something. Even Google's most recent hardware partner, LG, appears to be less than committed, having just joined Philips to promote the Smart TV Alliance, an initiative that appears to compete with Google TV.

7. Project Glass
Though not expected until next year, Google may want to provide its developers with a preview of its augmented reality glasses.

8. Brightly
Google engineer Mark S. Miller revealed the existence of Google's cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE), Brightly, in a post to a developer mailing list back in November 2010, although wider notice didn't come until the following year. While Google could intend for Brightly to remain an internal tool, it could also benefit from making its cloud IDE available to outsiders. Doing so might help encourage the use of Dart, Google's alternative to JavaScript.

9. Android Accessories
Announced last year at Google I/O, the Android Open Accessory Development Kit provides developers with the means to communicate with external hardware via Android devices. With wireless connectivity showing up in more and more consumer hardware, like Belkin's new WeMo family of devices, Google really ought to be encouraging partners to make Android-friendly accessories.

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