How To Plan Your Vista Deployment

If you have a strong business driver for deploying Vista, this 13-step planning timeline provides a basic road map. Obviously, not all migrations will require every step, and larger environments will involve more activities. Many of these tasks may occur in parallel based on resources, budget and motivation.


1.) Download and install Business Desktop Deployment.

2.) Create a project team. Include business partners and identify expectations for all involved.

3.) Craft a high-level project plan and a T-minus schedule.

4.) Perform site assessment(s). Review server infrastructure, client hardware, desktop applications and user requirements.

5.) Assess HR impacts. Identify IT staffing needs, investigate technical and support training; consider end-user preparation, training and productivity impacts.

6.) Make design choices, such as upgrade in place versus forklift and staged rollout versus blitzkrieg installations.

7.) Assess legacy/custom applications.

8.) Plan the migration. Identify pilot users and groups, partner with business units on timing and assess strategy for remote offices.

9.) Prepare end users. Schedule communications training and manage productivity impacts.

10.) Prepare packages, including images, data to be migrated and user settings.

11.) Begin deployment.

12.) Reconfigure desktops.

13.) Create post-deployment upport teams.