IBM Describes New Data Lifecycle Management Tools

IBM plans to unveil additions to its Optim data management portfolio at its Information On Demand user group in Las Vegas this week.
IBM is attempting to usher in a new era of data management where the needs of thousands of users for quick data access are matched by the enterprise's need for data lifecycle management.

On the first count, IBM caught up with Oracle in June by offering an in-memory database, solidDB for DB2 and Informix Data Server, which acts as a front end to a relational system and operates at the speed of server memory. Oracle says TimesTen boosts relational performance by a factor of ten. Likewise, IBM's solidDB is a 10X performance booster; unlike the Oracle product, solidDB will become a performance booster for all major enterprise systems by the end of the year, including Oracle, Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server as well as IBM's own systems.

IBM has been able to convert an in-memory database acquisition into a product "for all the leading enterprise class database systems in less than a year. That shows the velocity IBM is moving at "to attack data management problems, claimed Paola Lubet, formerly with SolidDB Technologies and now director of product management at IBM.

When launched in December, solidDB will shed its DB2 and IDS product designation and become IBM solidDB Universal Cache. It's based on the system that came with the Solid Information Technology acquisition in January. No pricing on solidDB Universal Cache has been set but the pricing on its predecessor DB2 and IDS product was $30,000 per CPU core, IBM spokesmen said. (A single quad-core CPU -- that is, one CPU with four cores, not a four-way server with four CPUs or 16 cores -- the quad-core price would be $120,000 minus about 15%.)

IBM will also unveil additions to its Optim data management portfolio as it convenes its Information On Demand user group in Las Vegas Oct.26-31. The IBM Optim product line came out of its acquisition of Princeton Softech acquisition and, like solidDB Universal Cache, is aimed at managing data throughout its lifecycle with multi-platform use.

The IBM Rational tool, Data Architect, will be revamped and renamed in the fourth quarter to become InfoSphere Data Architect and part of the Optim portfolio. InfoSphere Data Architect can be used to capture the data model embedded in one application and apply the rules and constraints of the model to a new application, insuring compatibility between the two, said Lise Neely, director of Otim product marketing.

At the user conference, Colgate Palmolive's director of global IT, Jim Capraro, will describe how his firm protected the privacy of employee data, using Optim Data Privacy Solution for SAP Applications, even though application developers needed real employee data to work with and test their code against.

Protecting individual privacy during new software development is a key requirement of new standards, such as PCI for the credit card industry.

IBM plans to release ten new products in the Optim line by the end of the year, including: DB2 Performance Manager, Optim Data Relationship Analyzer 1.0, Optim Privacy Solution, and Optim Change Manager.

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