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ID Theft Scoring Firm Launches Service

Comprehensive package of identity scoring, credit management and credit freezing ensures proactive identity theft protection

ARLINGTON, Va. -- MyPublicInfo, Inc. (, a leading provider of identity theft scoring and monitoring solutions, today announced IdentitySweep 360, their most extensive identity prevention service to date, providing 360 degree protection. IdentitySweep 360 is the result of MyPublicInfo’s recent addition of TransUnion’s online credit monitoring service to their existing solutions, and is the only product that combines the strength of credit reporting with identity scoring to offer protection from all angles. In addition to scanning billions of sites, removing sensitive information from the Internet, and monitoring chat rooms for credit card numbers that have been hacked, stolen or breached, IdentitySweep 360 is also the only product that protects an individual’s social security number from manipulation. IdentitySweep 360 is available for $19.95 and can be purchased at beginning today.

“We are very excited to bring consumers the most sophisticated identity theft prevention tools on the market, and by adding the monitoring application to our suite of services, IdentitySweep 360 is now the premier package in identity protection,” said Pat Dane, Chief Revenue Officer, MyPublicInfo. “IdentitySweep 360 not only guards against identity theft through identity monitoring and daily credit alerts, but also helps to restore protection for victims of fraud with its signature Recovery Butler service, providing the all-encompassing protection that consumers require in a time where 10 million Americans are victimized each year by identity theft.”

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