iPhone Paired With Google Android

Hacker successfully marries Google's mobile operating system to Apple smartphone.
It's not officially sanctioned by Apple, but it turns out the iPhone will run third-party operating systems—including Google Android.

A well known phone hacker named David Wang has posted a video on his blog in which he loads the Android smartphone OS onto an iPhone, and it actually runs.

"The iPhone can, in fact, dual boot," says Wang, in the video. Wang has previously loaded the Linux open-source OS onto an Apple iPhone.

In the eight-minute, 49-second video, Wang starts the iPhone normally, then proceeds to load Android via the OpenBoot boot loader. He notes the move doesn't damage the phone or prevent users from restoring it to its usual interface.

"Even if you install Android, your iPhone can still be used normally," said Wang.

Wang admits that his implementation of iPhone on Android isn't bug free. "It's not really production quality yet, I'd say it's more Alpha quality," says Wang, in the video.

"Pretty much everything works," he adds, but concedes that his creation is "slightly buggy."

Of course, tech fans who attempt to hack their iPhones do so at their own risk. Apple has taken a hard line with developers and individuals who try to alter its products to work with unauthorized, third-party hardware or software.

Apple last year won a lawsuit against rogue startup Psystar, which was selling low-cost Mac clones over the Internet.

A San Francisco court ordered Psystar to discontinue selling the systems, and also barred it from offering a boot loader that allowed users to install the Mac OS on PC hardware themselves.

Apple has also been known to "brick" iPhones that it believes have been tampered with, essentially rendering the devices useless.