Kawasaki Expands Use of Click Commerce Solution Worldwide

The powersports equipment manufacturer intends to increase sales of Kawasaki accessories around the world.
Kawasaki Motors Corp. has expanded its use of the Click Commerce Demand Chain Management solution to include its worldwide distribution network. Kawasaki launched its e-commerce site, powered by Click Commerce, five years ago in the United States. Their extensive e-commerce strategy currently supports a network of over 1,500 dealers through its dealer Web site and millions of visits each month to its consumer site. By expanding the solution worldwide, Kawasaki hopes to grow international brand awareness, enhance dealer relationships, and ultimately, drive global sales of accessories.

In 2000, Kawasaki launched a dealer and a consumer Web site. Since then, dealer visits have grown to more than 100,000 visits a month. In a strong push to streamline dealer relationships, Kawasaki introduced an online vehicle ordering function in late 2005. The consumer site remains dedicated to building brand awareness and promoting accessory sales.

"We've been a long-time partner of Click Commerce and have had great success building relationships and driving sales through our dealer extranet," said Roger Peterson, vice president of information systems at Kawasaki. "Our primary goal is to make it very easy for our dealers — whether they are in Australia or California — to do business with us. Click Commerce has the channel commerce solutions to support our worldwide growth plans." "We've had the opportunity to be an integral part of Kawasaki's online success, increasing brand affinity among end customers and enhancing dealer relationships," said Nancy Koenig, executive vice president of operations for Click Commerce. "This success has enabled Kawasaki to provide a superior level of customer service and promote the Kawasaki name — a success that we look forward to helping replicate on a global scale."