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LAN Gaming Picks IdentiPHI

LAN Gaming selects IdentiPHI SAFsolutionR for biometric-based user authentication and parental controls

AUSTIN, Texas -- IdentiPHI, Inc., an innovative leader in enterprise security solutions and services, today announced that Washington-based LAN Gaming HQ has selected IdentiPHI SAFsolution Enterprise Edition for use in the industry's first biometric-based user authentication program for multiplayer online gaming scenarios within the retail setting. Under the agreement, LAN Gaming HQ will incorporate IdentiPHI's technology into a comprehensive in-store security system specifically designed to protect its customers through the use of a unique biometric identifier: their fingerprint. LAN Gaming HQ will use the biometric data to cross-reference users with a sexual offender database, further safeguarding young game players.

"Thanks to IdentiPHI, we have a groundbreaking technology being implemented at our LAN gaming store," explained Travis Dorsey, LAN Gaming HQ president. "The use of SAFsolution makes it possible for us to provide new levels of safety for gaming customers visiting our stores. The ease of use, quick integration and enterprise capabilities of SAFsolution allow us to meet our own network security needs and protect our customers at the same time."

IdentiPHI Inc.

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