Langa Letter: Free Tools For Road Warriors

Not everyone has (or wants) a GPS. These Web-based alternatives Fred Langa searched out make even complex route planning a snap!
Additional Resources
While a good GPS can tell you where the nearest gas station is, the "USA Gasoline Station Directory" can help when no GPS is available: Figure out how many miles you can go between tank-ups, and use the directory to find stations along your route at about that interval.

Similarly, this directory of U.S. truck stops can help you find fuel, food, and sometimes even lodging along your route.

Finally, if the kind or type of route planner you need isn't covered in the above, or if you need driving directions for regions not mentioned, you'll probably find what you need in the worldwide list of route-planning tools found at this page.

And if you do find a different or better tool -- or if you're already using one -- please share your knowledge! What online sites and tools have you found most useful for your travel planning and routing needs? Which has the best maps? The best directions? The greatest flexibility in building your trips? Join in the discussion!

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