LinkedIn Launches Ads API

LinkedIn Ads API opens the door for a new class -- and a new scale -- of B2B social advertising and marketing campaigns on the site.
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The BrainYard's 7 Social Business Leaders Of 2012
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LinkedIn has made a series of moves in the last couple of months that have breathed new social life into the professional networking site, including updated Profiles and the Endorsements feature. In its latest move in a more socially focused direction, LinkedIn has announced a new Ads API.

The LinkedIn Ads API is similar in concept to Facebook's Ads API, which Facebook made available in August 2011. Likewise, the LinkedIn Ads API opens the door for a new class -- and a new scale -- of social advertising and marketing campaigns on the site, although LinkedIn programs would likely lean more B2B than B2C.

In a blog post, LinkedIn noted that access to the API was one of the most-requested features by LinkedIn advertisers, who before now have had access only to a limited self-service interface. With the new API, developers will have more flexibility to customize ads, as well as to increase the breadth and scope of ads across platforms.

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"LinkedIn Ads' self-service platform is increasingly becoming the advertising platform of choice for B2B marketers," said LinkedIn's Jen Weedn in the company blog post. "Whether your objectives are to increase brand awareness, automate campaign creation or drive leads, working through our new API program gives you the flexibility and confidence that your marketing investment is efficient, targeted and measurable. We're also making premium support available for our approved developers who will have access to LinkedIn's online operations and sales team, developer marketing programs, as well as a direct line of communication with our product management team."

LinkedIn also announced that the API program was launching with Adobe, Bizo and Unified among a set of "premier social marketing agency partners."

Organizations that are interested in the LinkedIn Ads API can find out more at the Partner Programs page or at

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