Lombardi Launches Teamworks 7 BPM Suite

The upgraded business process management suite increases collaboration, governance and reuse and simplifies tasks across the process development lifecycle.
Lombardi has upgraded its Teamworks business process management suite, increasing collaboration, governance and reuse and simplifying tasks across the process development lifecycle.

In addition Teamworks 7 BPM Suite offers a new paradigm for model management and deployment that simplifies the process iteration that occurs frequently as part of continuous process improvement initiatives, Lombardi said.

Other major improvements include a central repository for storing and maintaining all process artifacts created during design and development. In addition, the upgrade introduces "toolkits" for managing the reuse of common functionality across multiple versions of multiple process applications.

Other new features include the introduction of "snapshots" of all artifacts of a process at specific points in time, such as business diagrams, rules, services and simulation scenarios.Teamworks 7 also provides the ability to quickly view any historical version of a process and to run the entire process application as it existed at that specific point in time, including models, rules, services, data, forms, etc.

Finally, the new process server registry contains tools to deploy and track versions of multiple processes across various runtime server environments.

"Teamworks 7 is a huge leap forward in terms of simplifying the process improvement effort for companies – regardless of whether they have a single project or a complete business transformation effort in mind," Rod Favaron, chief executive of Lombardi, said in a statement.

Teamworks 7 was released this week. Lombardi has also introduced a new version of its software-as-a-service BPM offering, called Blueprint.

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