LTU Releases Forensic Tool

LTU Technologies releases Image-Seeker for EnCase 2.0

WASHINGTON -- LTU Technologies, the global leader in image search and recognition solutions, announced today it has released LTU Image-Seeker for EnCaseR (ISE) 2.0. ISE is a trusted plug-in enhancing image analysis capabilities within Guidance Software's EnCaseR, the industry-standard computer forensics tool among law enforcement, government and enterprise investigators. In addition to extending the tool to large enterprises by providing support for EnCaseR Enterprise, ISE 2.0 enhances image classification processes through automation that automatically flags folders containing pornography or other targeted image content types.

ISE 2.0 combines LTU's powerful image recognition technology with Guidance Software's industry-standard computer and enterprise investigation capability. Since the first version of ISE was released in 2006, hundreds of users in dozens of government and law enforcement agencies worldwide have adopted the tool as a means by which to quickly analyze and index images while in the field and away from the lab. Now, through its integration with EnCaseR Enterprise, ISE 2.0 also answers the demand from large enterprises for powerful image analysis tools as they seek ways to reduce the risks of liability and intellectual property loss arising from the storage of inappropriate images and video by enterprise end-users.

"Large enterprises are realizing that they have user communities of hundreds of employees storing all sorts of images on their networks - some of which are highly suspicious," noted Alex Winter, CTO for LTU Technologies. "Whether its pornography ending up on the company server or blueprints of the company's new product ending up on a rogue laptop, enterprises are increasingly aware of the real risks that images can pose and how difficult it is to eliminate these issues without tools like ISE."

LTU Technologies