Medialets Introduces iPhone Ad Platform

The company has created an ad platform for the iPhone that will let software developers offer rich media ads that are built into their applications.
With the iPhone Apps Store up and running, many software developers may not have the brand recognition or the type of program that customers will pay for. These companies will need a way to make money, and this will inevitably lead to advertising.

Medialets has created an ad platform for the iPhone that will let developers offer rich media ads that are built into the application itself.

Developers using this service would drop Medialets code into their application, and revenue from these ads will be split between the app developer and Medialets.

Medialets CEO Eric Litman said in an interview the ads will have all the functionality of the iPhone because they are integrated into an application. This can give developers opportunities to use these ads to enhance the programs, and it allows advertisers to be creative and innovative with their marketing.

The mobile ad market is expected to grow into a sizeable market, but, for the most part, Litman said many companies have just been repurposing Web banner ads for mobile devices. This type of advertising won't be appealing to consumers or developers.

"We're iPhone users here, and we know that poorly incorporated ads can ruin the experience," said Liman. "Those who are most sensitive and creative in how the ads are integrated are going to be the winners."

The company will also be offering developers a free analytics toolkit that will provide "deep insight" into how consumers use and interact with the applications. This could provide developers with faster feedback to tweak its programs for its customers.

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