Motorola Introduces Two TouchScreen Smartphones

The latest in the company's Ming line feature built-in GPS, a Linux operating system, and Bluetooth capabilities.
The number of smartphones that have built-in GPS just increased as Motorola announced the latest in its Ming line of smartphones.

The Ming A1600 and A1800 both are stylish touchscreen devices that pack many features, but mobile professionals may be turned off by the lack of connectivity options.

The A1600 is a relatively small smartphone, with the 2.4-inch touchscreen taking up most of the real estate. There's a protective plastic cover to protect that screen, and an included stylus can be used for input.

A mobile professional can utilize the integrated business card scanner to keep track of new contacts. There is also a personal information manager to ease organizing needs, as well as a Microsoft Office document viewer. The device is also capable of receiving e-mails, SMS, MMS, and instant messages.

Motorola's Ming A1600

Motorola's Ming A1600
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Getting lost shouldn't be an issue, as the built-in GPS receiver is capable of turn-by-turn directions. Additionally, the latest Ming handset can utilize cellular data for assisted GPS features.

The A1600 also has a digital music player, stereo Bluetooth capabilities, an FM radio tuner, and voice dialer. It features a 3-megapixel camera with an on-board photo editor.

The A1800 is nearly identical in features, but it allows for GSM and CDMA to be used at the same time. To make room for the extra receiver, the A1800 is limited to tri-band GSM/GPRS while the A1600 is capable of quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE.

Neither device has 3G or Wi-Fi capabilities. Because of this, potential customers needing faster data access may turn to alternatives like the Samsung Omnia or the iPhone 3G.

Both devices have a mobile Linux operating system. Motorola did not announce pricing or availability dates, but both phones are set to hit the Chinese market first.