MySpace Agrees To Integrate HP Printing Services

The partnership allows MySpace users to print photos stored on their profiles; there are about 4 billion images posted on the social network.
Hewlett-Packard on Tuesday said it has made a deal with MySpace to have HP printing services integrated across multiple areas of the online social network, including all photo sections. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The agreement, unveiled at HP's Annual Imaging and Printing Conference in San Diego, opens up MySpace's millions of users to HP, which can offer to print photos stored on MySpace profiles. About 4 billion images are posted on the social network.

"Sharing and storing photos online is integral to the social networking experience and one of the most popular activities on MySpace," Chris DeWolfe, chief executive and co-founder of MySpace, said in a statement.

The first stage of the partnership will have an HP-branded print button that enables MySpace users to preview and print photos directly from their profiles. That service will launch in November in the United States, Australia, Western Europe, and Canada. In the future, the companies plan to add the option of buying personalized merchandise with photos from MySpace.

MySpace, which is owned by News Corp., has more than 120 million users worldwide, including 76 million in the United States, according to ComScore.

MySpace has multiple partnerships with companies to bring services to users. Last month, the company launched a digital music service that enables users to stream music free or buy songs through a partnership with Since Amazon sells MP3s without digital rights management technology, users can play the songs on most devices, create their own playlists with up to 100 songs, and share their playlists with people who visit their profile pages.