MySpace Launches Pan-Asian Game Application Contest

The social networking site will pick winners who will get cash and prizes, media attention, and a trip to the 2008 Tokyo Game Show.
MySpace has launched a game application competition in its Asian markets.

The social networking site announced this week that MySpace China, MySpace Japan, MySpace Korea, and MySpace India would host TheGame08, a Pan-Asian competition. Entrants submit applications through the MySpace Developer Platform for a chance to win cash and prizes, media attention, and a trip to the 2008 Tokyo Game Show.

The site will translate the winning game application into English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, and promote it globally on MySpace.

The contest launched today at the ChinaJoy Expo in Shanghai. It ends Sept. 14, at 11:59 p.m. in each time zone. MySpace will announce finalists on Sept. 22 and reveal the winner Oct. 9.

Contestants can enter as individuals or as teams with three members or less. They must legally reside in China, India, Japan, or Korea and be at least 18 years old.

Submissions must be completely unique and not yet published or submitted for another contest. They must be translatable into English and text for translations must be provided in a resource file.

The contest prohibits sexually explicit, obscene, pornographic, violent, self-mutilating, discriminatory, illegal, offensive, threatening, profane, or harassing content. Submissions cannot mention or contain content from copyrighted productions or infringe on trademarks, logos, insignias, or other third-party creative property. They cannot contain signs indicating a location and cannot include third parties' images, voices, or likeness unless without authorization.

Entries must have elements of play, challenge, competition, goals, structure, and fun. They must also have interactive features and a set of rules.

Contestants will be scored equally on originality, technical achievement, entertainment value and appeal, and innovation.

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