NHL's Alex Ovechkin To Tweet From All-Star Game

Washington Capitals star will microblog on Twitter from Sunday's event in Montreal.
Alexander Ovechkin, the National Hockey League's third leading scorer, plans to use the social networking site Twitter to post blogs about his experience at the league's 2009 All-Star Game in Montreal on Sunday, an NHL spokesman said.

Under the plan, Ovechkin will report directly to fans on what it's like to play in the event and what his fellow players are up to.

Ovechkin, a Russian national and native Muscovite, has already started using Twitter and goes by the handle Ovi8, a combination of his name and his Washington Capitals jersey number.

"Thought I'd use this to give you quick updates as I go to the Breakaway Challenge and All-Star Game. For now, big game tonight vs. Boston," Ovechkin tweeted on Jan. 17. "Big win last night on a sick shot by Semin," he reported the following day, referring to teammate Alexander Semin's game winner over the Bruins.

"Ovechkin will bring his magic bag of breakaway tricks to the 2009 Scotiabank NHL Fan Fav Breakaway Challenge as part of the 2009 Honda/NHL All-Star SuperSkills Competition in Montreal on Saturday, Jan. 24 at Bell Centre," according to

The left winger won't disclose in advance whether he'll repeat an attempt of a baseball-style move he tried at last year's contest, at least not on Twitter. "Lot's of questions about my trick shot plans -- mine's a secret," Ovechkin wrote on his page.

Ovechkin's Twitter page is genuine, the NHL verified. Last month, a Twitter user posing as Phoenix Coyotes coach and hockey legend Wayne Gretzky popped up on the site and posted numerous tweets.

The bogus Gretzky page fooled a number of Twitter users. The page at one point indicated that it had 222 followers. However, it's since been removed from the service.

Twitter itself does not take steps to verify user identities.