OpenConnect Launches Mainframe-to-SOA Suite

soaSolution designed to improve return on legacy investment while eliminating the risk of migrating mainframe information and applications to SOAs.
OpenConnect Systems, Inc., has announced the launch of soaSolution, a patent-pending mainframe-to-service-oriented architecture (SOA) suite. soaSolution transforms business process knowledge used throughout the extended enterprise into secure and complete mainframe services, providing a complete solution to help organizations comprehend, configure and securely connect to mainframe assets through SOA platforms.

OpenConnect introduced soaComprehend, the cornerstone of OpenConnect's soaSolution, at DEMO 2006, held Feb. 6-8, in Phoenix, Arizona. "We are very pleased to be hand selected as one of the most innovative companies and invited to present at DEMO," said Edward M. Peters, chief executive officer, OpenConnect.

"With the introduction of soaComprehend, OpenConnect provides a unique approach to extending the mainframe into an SOA architecture," said Chris Shipley, executive producer, DEMO 2006. "soaComprehend provides the only solution for documenting re-usable business processes by observing end-user behavior, quantifying productivity gains achieved through the SOA deployment. It's more important than ever for IT staffs to be true partners to their business colleagues and bring solutions to the business that add real quantifiable value."

OpenConnect's soaSolution consists of three core components designed to improve return on legacy investment while eliminating the risk of migrating mainframe information and applications to SOAs. The specific solutions include: soaComprehend, soaConfigure and soaConnect.

The cornerstone of the innovations in the new suite, soaComprehend captures and exploits the latent business process knowledge exercised daily in the enterprise to automate the creation of mainframe-to-SOA services. soaComprehend applies business process logic to observe all user interactions with an organization's mainframe assets in a secure, non-invasive environment, revealing a detailed understanding of real-world application- and information-use patterns. The resulting application use-map enables organizations to focus on SOA-enablement efforts only on high-use, high-opportunity areas of business process improvement. Because it is technology based, soaComprehend eliminates the "as-is" studies typically conducted by expensive consultants, saving significant costs and eliminating human error.

soaConfigure enables organizations to harness business process logic to build better services and ensure rapid development and deployment. By leveraging business process knowledge available through the soaSolution, any developer even those lacking either mainframe or Web experience, can automatically create appropriate SOA services based on either Screen Logic Interfaces (SLI) or advanced direct-access methods using CICS Direct Interfaces (CDI). soaConfigure eases the road to implementation by reconciling the IT skill gaps that exist within organizations' business groups, which often do not house both the mainframe and Web expertise necessary to ensure seamless deployments. Organizations are able to easily construct services, monitor for anomalous system use and provide a roadmap for business process optimization.

Security is a key value proposition of mainframe architectures, and the financial implications of security and regulatory compliance are growing concerns for corporations. Opening mainframe applications to SOA platforms has the potential to diminish an organization's ability to prevent unauthorized access and facilitate audit trails needed for security and compliance initiatives. soaConnect allows companies to access mainframe applications and information through an SOA delivery model while maintaining an unparalleled level of security. Whether this access is created through SLI or CDI, soaConnect allows for highly scalable, run-time access and employs strict security parameters, including access administration based on end-user credentials, source IP and time-of-day considerations.

"Everything we do at OpenConnect, from R&D efforts through deployment, is focused on one key competitive differential: providing the best customer value on the market," said Peters. "While solutions providers are flooding the market with so-called 'mainframe-to-SOA' offerings, only OpenConnect has pioneered the specific business process logic and security innovations necessary to ensure that customers can leverage the efficiencies and savings of SOAs with lowest possible risk."