OpSource Adds PeopleSoft To Outsourcing Menu

OpSource to host and manage PeopleSoft's application suite aimed at small and midsized businesses.
OpSource has acquired the PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne Application Management division of Fortrust Solutions. The acquisition means companies now can turn to OpSource to host and manage PeopleSoft's application suite aimed at small to midsize businesses.

The one-time J.D. Edwards product, which runs on Intel-based servers, comprises ERP, CRM, business intelligence, supply chain management and supplier relationship management applications. The Santa Clara, Calif., company already offers a full menu of outsourced services, including data center technical staffing, remote hands services, monitoring, security, complex managed hosting, application hosting, ASP infrastructure hosting and complete IT outsourcing.

The acquisition also increases OpSource's customer base by way of Fortrust's existing PeopleSoft customers, said Richard Dym, chief marketing officer at OpSource.

"When we do these kinds of deals, what we are generally doing is buying customers," said Dym.

Customers that have been outsourcing from Fortrust should not notice a difference in service or service personnel. Much of the Fortrust Solutions Application Management team, including Tom Newman, director of security and application services, has joined OpSource. The acquisition also give OpSource a new Denver office, home of Fortrust's data center.

The acquisition adds about 10 new customers to OpSource's roster of about 100 clients, said Dym. Opsource expects to add even more customers via direct and indirect sales.

"We are putting plans in place to move aggressively to expand the business," said Dym, adding that such a plan should begin to surface in about 60 days.

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