Pegasystems Improves on Process Localization, Testing and Data Encryption

SmartBPM Suite upgrade focuses on global process deployment and security challenges.
Speed and ease of deployment are big concerns in any technology implementation, and no less so in business process management suite rollouts. Announced last week, the version 5.3 upgrade of the SmartBPM Suite from Pegasystems pays special attention to the deployment-related issues of localization and testing. It also incorporates encryption technology aimed at growing privacy and security concerns.

To speed deployments, a new wizard-based "accelerator" in SmartBPM 5.3 helps global companies quickly localize applications for different languages and cultures. Localization is normally a manual, labor-intensive process, but Pegasystems CEO Alan Trefler says version 5.3 offers a unique solution to the challenge. "This technology lets you build your system in any base language and then localize it in multiple languages without coding," Trefler explains. "The system sets up everything for you, pulling out all of the elements that need to be localized on each interface. It even finds structured data fields that need to be translated."

Once the setup is complete, the accelerator automatically creates localized versions of application interfaces with built-in translations that can be reviewed, edited and approved. Key data fields are also translated so that reports, metrics and parameters set up in the base-language continue to function properly in the localized versions.

To speed process development and deployment, a Unit Test Manager option introduced in SmartBPM 5.3 eases regression testing of SmartBPM applications. Will changes to rules or process flows lead to new workload bottlenecks? Unit Test Manager lets process designers automatically collect and manage test data to confirm the integrity of applications.

The encryption-based security in SmartBPM 5.3 is designed to address identity theft concerns as well as privacy requirements tied to HIPAA and similar compliance mandates. Data can be encrypted at any point in a process and at any level with a range of leading encryption algorithms. Pega says encryption does not compromise the speed or performance of SmartBPM applications. The new version and options are available immediately.