Pilot Software Drives New Direction Of Performance Management

Sophisticated applications and tools enable operational performance management.
Pilot's product suite rates favorably in the Ventana Research Performance Cycle. The suite provides a solution framework that includes strategy plans, initiative management, scorecards, dashboards, reporting & analysis, and modeling & integration. Organizations requiring a more formalized reporting framework will have to examine other third-party solutions like Actuate, BusinessObjects, or Cognos.

Market Impact

Pilot has evolved into a sophisticated provider of applications and tools for enabling operational performance management. The simplicity in its approach, and its focus on line of business, provides Pilot with growth opportunities well beyond traditional BI that focus pre-dominantly on centralized IT. Pilot has gained a competitive advantage with its approach, its focus on sales, service and marketing across channels, and its platform for building customized applications, dashboards, and enterprise scorecards.

Because many of the current scorecarding vendors have had significant challenges trying to maintain and grow their operations, and because most BI providers are focused on enterprise BI and reporting for the CIO and IT managers, line of business is left looking for solutions. The shift by many global corporations away from their existing ERP providers towards a separate line-of-business performance management provider is now driving new business to Pilot Software.


The recent shift in the enterprise software industry to a 'back to the basics' approach has created a push towards performance management. The focus on bringing systems that are adaptable, customizable, and deployable in an iterative fashion will improve the performance of people within their operational processes. Companies should examine IT investments that can truly balance efficiency and effectiveness.

As organizations look to drive sustained top line growth, they must adopt performance management to ensure optimal execution of their business strategy. Ventana Research recommends that organizations looking to adopt diverse methodologies for synchronizing operational performance without heavy IT involvement in their organization examine Pilot Software. Pilot's background in sales and marketing and its focus in performance management brings a powerful combination to line of business. Success in the next decade will depend on operational performance management to improve the effectiveness of people and processes.