Review, Annotate, Collaborate With GoodReader For iPad

Working with documents on the iPad can be inconvenient, but GoodReader makes it easy.

Other file-sharing options are available in the file management options list in the My Documents view mode. Here you will find the option to work with a large number of cloud storage services, including Dropbox, Google Docs, and SugarSync. Documents can be downloaded from the service to GoodReader or uploaded from GoodReader to the service. This eliminates the need to, for example, use Dropbox's own app to fetch a PDF document.

If you do not use any cloud storage service, GoodReader has a built-in Web server that lets you access its iPad storage area from another computer visible on the network. GoodReader gives you the information needed to find the iPad from a desktop computer. There is an option to password-protect this access. However, the default is to not require a password for access.

The screenshot segment below comes from a Web browser running on a notebook computer. Documents stored in GoodReader on an iPad can be downloaded from this list.

The screenshot below shows a PDF file from GoodReader displayed by Adobe Reader on a PC running Windows 7. You can see that the annotations made in GoodReader are preserved and visible in Adobe Reader.

GoodReader for iPad has been a go-to tool on my iPad. It has greatly reduced the amount of paper I need to carry. And, its ability to work with cloud storage services like Dropbox has made it easy to manage the number of documents stored by GoodReader on the iPad. While there are numerous other PDF readers, including Apple's own free iBooks app, GoodReader's powerful annotation features and sharing options continue to prove its value to me.

Name: GoodReader for iPad
Price: $4.99

GoodReader for iPad is a powerful tool for reviewing, annotating, and sharing documents. A variety of annotation forms, including highlighting, text, and freeform drawing, are available. Using this app can potentially reduce the amount of paper you carry to zero.
  • Fast simple PDF viewing.
  • Powerful PDF annotation options.
  • Supports other documentation formats in addition to PDF.
  • Annotated documents can be shared.
  • Supports large number of third-party cloud services.


  • iCloud is listed as a support service. However, there is no obvious way to work with it.
  • iPhone version of the app is a separate purchase.