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Voice for Chatter transcribes dictated posts, adds a link the original audio, for making quick updates by phone.
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The next time you post to Chatter, you might try chattering out loud.

Angel Voice for Chatter, which is available now on the AppExchange, is a follow up to Voice for Twitter and Voice for Facebook, consumer-oriented applications of the same technology, announced in August.

Voice for Chatter allows the busy salesperson or executive on the go to phone in information to post to Chatter,'s social collaboration application. Voice for Chatter uses speech-to-text technology to transcribe the content of the message, and the text version is posted with a link to the audio file.

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The audio makes it possible to hear the original if the transcription is garbled, or if you simply want to hear it in the person's own voice. On the other hand, the transcription makes it easier to understand the content and context of the post and is something the Voice for Twitter and Voice for Facebook services do not include.

"The combination of the transcription and the voice file gives you a multi-modal way of getting the message, where you can both listen to it and see it in text," Dave Rennyson, president of Angel.

Angel, a subsidiary of Microstrategy, offers software-as-a-service contact center and interactive voice response applications, including some that integrate with's framework.

Rennyson said Angel has begun offering integrations that, for example, allow a salesperson to call in the details on a sales lead and have them recorded in

Voice for Chatter is "an example of how we're thinking of Salesforce as a platform" and seeking to enhance that platform with voice applications, Rennyson said.

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