Samsung Installing Charging Stations At Airports

The company said it will install 115 stations in three major airports to ensure that your gadgets always have juice.
Going to the airport during the holiday season can be a nightmare. When passengers are facing long lines and delayed flights, the last thing they want to do is fight for a spot to charge their cell phones or laptops.

With this in mind, Samsung said Thursday that it will install more than 100 charging stations in three of the nation's busiest airports. The stations will have four outlets for U.S. voltage that will also be equipped with a small shelf for holding the devices that are being charged.

"This is the largest number of charging stations Samsung Mobile has announced in one day," said Bill Ogle, Samsung's chief marketing officer, in a statement. "With the holiday travel season just around the corner, we want the Samsung Mobile charging stations to reduce stress, keep families connected, and provide a much-needed convenience to travelers trying to reach their loved ones."

By the end of the year, 40 stations will be installed in Miami International Airport and George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. Washington Dulles Airport will get more than 35 stations throughout the grounds.

"Providing electronics outlets for passengers to charge their gadgets while they're on the go to Bush Intercontinental's 105 domestic and nearly 70 international destinations will definitely be a plus for them," said Rob Wigington, the Houston airport's system deputy director.

The charging stations are just the latest developments that could make going through the terminals easier for mobile professionals and gadget lovers. Multiple airlines are piloting programs to let customers use their cell phones as boarding passes, and staying connected won't be a problem as numerous airlines are implementing in-flight Wi-Fi.