Samsung's 8-Megapixel Innov8 Coming To AT&T

The Symbian-powered smartphone, with its high-caliber camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS, will be compatible with AT&T's networks.
Shutterbugs may soon have a reason to smile, as Samsung is bringing a smartphone with an 8-megapixel camera to the United States, according to an FCC filing.

The Samsung Innov8 has been available in Europe for a few months now, but the handset has been retooled to utilize the 850- and 1900-MHz frequencies to operate on AT&T's high-speed 3G network. The smartphone also will have integrated Wi-Fi for surfing the Web, uploading photos, and retrieving e-mail.

The camera is probably the most appealing feature of the Innov8, and it comes with autofocus technology, facial recognition, image stabilizer, and flash. The integrated GPS can be used to geotag photos, as well as provide location-based searches. There's onboard software for editing pictures, and the international version came pre-loaded with ShoZu, which makes uploading and sharing photos simple.

The Innov8 is more than just a camera phone, though, as it packs the Symbian S60 operating system. This means the handset is capable of receiving push corporate e-mail and instant messaging, and it can view many types of documents. The OS also means users will be able to utilize programs from the thousands of Symbian apps that are available online.

Samsung's smartphone is also a capable multimedia device, as it can play multiple audio and video formats, including DivX. There's a built-in FM radio, and the handset comes with either 8 GB or 16 GB of memory that can be expanded via the MicroSD slot.

The Innov8 has a sliding form factor, and it measures 4.2 by 2.1 by 0.7 inches. AT&T and Samsung have not officially commented on when the device would be released, or if it would be offered with a carrier subsidy.

Top-of-the line devices like the BlackBerry Storm, iPhone 3G, and the T-Mobile G1 top out at 3.2-megapixels, but United States consumers are seeing a slate of handsets that are upping the ante with the camera. The Nokia N96 and Samsung's Omnia and Behold all pack a 5-megapixel shooter.