Savvion Releases Business Process Asset Management System

Savvion's approach enables enterprises to address compliance and process improvement initiatives with a comprehensive business-focused solution.
Savvion Process Asset Manager is a new product offering specifically designed to meet the growing demand for business process modeling necessitated by recent regulatory compliance requirements and a resurgence of business innovation. On June 28, the general availability of the new product was announced, along with a new version of Savvion’s modeling and simulation software, Process Modeler. Packaged together, the two products are intended to enable teams of business analysts to discover, model, simulate and document all of their business processes for business efficiency and regulatory compliance. Continuing a tradition of pioneering leadership and support for industry standards, Savvion Process Modeler now uses business process modeling notation (BPMN) and delivers substantially increased capabilities for managing complex business processes as true corporate assets.

Savvion Process Asset Manager is part of Savvion's long-term business strategy to enable enterprise customers to control their business processes. By delivering progressively greater capabilities, Savvion is enabling individuals, departments and enterprises to work collaboratively as their needs develop. With hundreds of processes models stored in the Process Asset Manager Repository, a company can select high return processes to enhance and take into production using Savvion's business process execution system, Savvion BusinessManager. Over 15,000 customers have already downloaded Process Modeler, and Savvion expects a strong response to this new offering as it addresses a growing demand from companies needing to capture and manage models in a central location.

Savvion Process Modeler is tightly integrated with Savvion's flagship product, Savvion BusinessManager, enabling those same process models, when selected to be deployed as production applications, to be integrated, enhanced and deployed using Savvion BusinessManager. The new Process Asset Manager demonstrates Savvion's commitment to deliver solutions to today's pressing business problems while further incorporating line of business staff members into the overall business process lifecycle.