QlikTech QlikView, OutlookSoft 5, and more.
Java Studio Enterprise 7 This development environment takes coders to new collaborative heights. "Code-aware" collaboration lets distributed teams interact dynamically and securely through instant messaging, "chat" and cooperative code editing. Now supports the Unified Modeling Language comprehensively. Also includes an Application Profiler for analyzing application performance, so developers can find and fix execution bottlenecks before production deployment. The license includes all the off- and online resources of the members-only Sun Developer Network, as well as many code samples and a reference application to help guide development of enterprise applications and Web services. Support services include exclusive forums. Sun Microsystems,

BusinessObjects XI suite
Business Objects' latest release is pronounced "ex-eye," as in eXtreme Insight, not "eleven." In many ways, this is a radical departure that deserves the nomenclature. Business Objects wants to attract a broader market by removing adoption barriers such as user environment and user confidence in data. Reports, data integration and other pieces the company picked up through acquisitions are now part of one central platform. Microsoft Office acts as a tier-one client for BusinessObjects product functions: Imagine clicking on a graph in a PowerPoint presentation and dynamically updating the data or drilling into it. Business Objects,

Contour OLAPBrowser
Contour OLAPBrowser is an Internet Explorer add-in that lets you analyze or create highly compressed "microcubes" that can be shared via HTTP servers or private networks. It promises subsecond response with a GUI analysis environment. Intersoft Lab,

Spectra CRC
Improving decision support and cooperative collection management for libraries, Library Dynamics' Spectra CRC service is built on Data Description's Data Desk comprehensive data exploration engine. It gives librarians graphic tools to explore library and consortia holdings and usage data. Library Dynamics,

JMSL 3.0
JMSL, the Java numerical library for developing data mining and predictive analytics applications, has added neural network algorithms for advanced forecasting and data mining. Visual Numerics,

DecisionPoint Financial Performance Management Release 11
Release 11 automatically links data from Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP and some legacy systems into an integrated analytic environment. It sources finance data and finance-centric operational data across many enterprise data sources. DecisionPoint Software,

Adeptia XML Mapper version 1.0
XML Mapper, a Web-based product for managing data transformation rules, is aimed at software developers who create customized XML-based integration to automate transformation and exchange of enterprise data. Enables visual data mapping for automatic generation of mapping code in XSLT. Adeptia,

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