Shortlist 2

Enkata 6; ILog JRules 6; MicroStrategy 8; webMethods Access; Appian Enterprise 5

Enkata 6Enkata 6
This operational performance management software is geared to health insurers, telcos, banks and brokerages. A new module for health insurers addresses consumer-directed health-care plans, offering a holistic view of plan performance, including medical costs, profitability, member satisfaction and plan adoption. The module also tracks system utilization and identifies high-churn member segments and plans with high setup failures. The product's new financial services suite focuses on customer lifecycle, analyzing data across billing, collections, retail operations, CRM and self-service apps to spot customer service issues. Other enhancements include prebuilt, adaptable dashboards, scorecards and operational reports, and collaborative workspaces for planning.

ILog JRules 6
Business users and techies each get their own working environment in this business rules management system. The Web-based RuleCare environment gives business users guided editors, templates and easy-to-use testing and simulation features. The RuleTech environment gives technical teams tools and Eclipse-supported IDEs (integrated development environments). A synchronization feature keeps both sides in step.

MicroStrategy 8
A recent upgrade lets users of this business intelligence platform access the popular MySQL and PostgreSQL open-source databases as well as leading commercial DBs. The suite's analytic engine compensates for differences in DB support for BI functionality by redirecting unsupported calculations to the MicroStrategy server instead of the DB server. This lets customers migrate to new DBs without having to rebuild existing reports.

webMethods Access
Access is a composite app development environment for webMethods Fabric, the vendor's business integration and process management suite. It includes app assembly tools built on Eclipse and visual user interface tools that streamline the creation of new apps from existing assets. The component also can create user-based knowledge centers automatically.

Appian Enterprise 5
"Analytics Everywhere," Microsoft Outlook integration, improved support for BPMN (business process modeling notation) and an event-driven architecture are among the upgrades to this business process management (BPM) suite. With Analytics Everywhere, users can measure and analyze process metrics and make better in-process decisions. The event-driven architecture supports services orchestration and lets users configure exception flows within activities.