Siperian Cures Cutomer Data Integration Ills

News - August 9, 2004
Customer data management and integration solution provider Siperian announced that two new pharmaceutical and life-science customers have chosen Siperian Master Reference Manager (MRM) in the second quarter of 2004.

Six out of the top 30 pharma companies have already selected Siperian to manage their most valuable asset: customer data. The issue of customer data integration is particularly important to pharmaceutical companies since they struggle to effectively manage their different customer types — prescribers, patients, and organizational buyers — across different data sources and applications. Increasingly, companies realize that a reliable foundation of prescriber and organizational data is a prerequisite for improving sales force alignment and productivity while maintaining compliance with various FDA regulations.

"Pharmaceutical companies are faced with a unique set of challenges due to their large sales forces, their complex product offerings and their sophisticated target audiences," said Darlene Mann, CEO of Siperian. "By leveraging Siperian MRM, pharmaceutical companies can create a trustworthy hub of prescriber and organizational information that can be fed to all CRM applications as well as analytical data warehouses while, more importantly, enhancing revenue through more effective sales management."

Siperian Master Reference Manager (MRM) allows IT teams to consolidate, reconcile, and access multiple data sources in multiple modes — batch, scheduled, or real-time. Siperian MRM features a rule-based weighting system, The Siperian Trust Framework, which dynamically determines the most reliable customer information (at a cell level) from a myriad of conflicting data sources. Data stewards manage data exceptions and maintain the overall integrity of the customer data through an intuitive user interface, making the system easy to manage. Finally, Siperian MRM enables IT to easily extend the master store to new sources without writing a line of code; thereby, maintaining a reliable, trustworthy foundation of customer master reference data. Siperian Master Reference Manager delivers reliable reference data that is the foundation for accurate, relevant, and actionable 360-degree customer views.

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