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Study Details How Enterprises Use BI

A new AberdeenGroup research report offers insight as to how top execs are using business intelligence.
According to a new AberdeenGroup research report, 89% of retailers are using business intelligence processes, which includes advanced analytics, on an enterprise-wide basis. Furthermore, more than two thirds of retailers indicated that senior executives, including CEOs, are actively engaging in the use of business intelligence within their organizations. The 'Business Intelligence in Retail: Bringing Cohesion to a Fragmented Enterprise' report finds the need for a more rapid response to consumer demand is driving retailers to budget new business intelligence programs or upgrade existing internal data management processes. The need to become more operationally efficient is also a critical factor on the minds of retailers as they evaluate new business intelligence processes. Key findings in the research, underwritten by Business Objects, Hyperion, Junction Solutions, Microsoft, and MicroStrategy, provides readers with a status report as to how retailers are taking advantage of business intelligence, and how they are meeting the challenges of internal data management. The report also finds that there still areas of opportunity many retailers have yet to address. For example, a mere 11% of retailers are looking at business intelligence data on a near-real time basis. In addition, 42% of retailers use spreadsheets to manage their business- intelligence data, despite recognizing that such a practice is inefficient. Other internal data management challenges include decentralized data scattered through out the organization, lack of customer-specific information to generate valid results, and business processes not lending themselves to making use of information.