SugarCRM Offers BlackBerry-Access To On-Demand Software

The new mobile service, unveiled at SugarCRM's SugarCon conference, is being offered through a partnership with iEnterprises.
SugarCRM has made it possible for a BlackBerry smart phone to access the commercial open-source company's on-demand customer relationship management subscription service.

The new mobile service, which is targeted at small and midsize businesses, was unveiled Wednesday at SugarCRM's SugarCon conference in San Jose, Calif. The service is being offered through a partnership with iEnterprises, which is providing its Mobile Edge software.

The iEnterprises software is installed in the BlackBerry, which can then access customer information in SugarCRM's software-as-a-service offering. The iEnterprise application does not require support from IT staff. Executives and sales and customer service representatives can download the software themselves either from the iEnterprises Web site or from SugarExchange, the SugarCRM online marketplace.

"This solution provides SugarCRM users an affordable, full-featured solution for their BlackBerry smart phones that extends customer information to their wireless workforce," Paul Oh, director of technology alliances at SugarCRM, said in statement. The BlackBerry is a Research In Motion product.

Also at SugarCon on Wednesday, SugarCRM unveiled stack installers for wizard-based deployment of the company's commercial open source software on Solaris and OpenSolaris platforms. The installers install Apache, MySQL and PHP, as well as Sugar Community Edition. The installers are set for release this quarter.

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