Survey Reports Lost Mobiles

Survey says thousands of mobile devices left behind in major US city taxi cabs

CHICAGO -- Despite the attention given to this year’s countless data breaches associated with lost or stolen mobile devices, thousands of mobile users continue to inadvertently leave behind their electronic devices in taxi cabs, according to a new survey regarding mobile security released today. Sponsored by Pointsec Mobile Technologies, a global leader in mobile enterprise security, the survey found that during the past six months, nearly 12,000 electronic devices were left in taxi cabs in the San Francisco-Oakland Bay (3,106 devices) and Washington, D.C.-Baltimore (8,701 devices) areas.

“When we first commissioned this survey more than five years ago, we thought it would be an interesting way to demonstrate to businesses how vulnerable their confidential data was, once it left the confines of their offices on a laptop, PDA or mobile phone,” said Marty Leamy, president of Pointsec Mobile Technologies. “This year, however, the many high-profile data breaches due to lost or stolen laptops have made this security problem clear to most organizations. Looking at these results now, we are reminded that lost mobile devices are just a fact of life, even though we now understand the potential consequences for our confidential data. The question for corporations is not what happens if we lose a piece of equipment, but what happens when we suffer a loss.”

Pointsec Mobile Technologies