Survey Shows Security Pros Overconfident

2007 E-Crime Watch Survey shows security incidents, electronic crimes and their impact steady versus last year

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. -- CSO magazine today releases results of the 2007 E-Crime Watch Survey. This year’s study revealed that while security events and electronic crimes were steady against last year’s findings, there are real concerns that security executives may be becoming over confident.

Conducted with the U.S. Secret Service, Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute’s CERT® Program and Microsoft Corp., the fourth annual survey polled 671 security executives and law enforcement officials on a variety of security topics, including commitment to security, the source of e-crimes, the top e-crimes professionals are experiencing, methods of attack, security technologies being deployed to defend against attacks, and the legal steps organizations are taking after they’ve been attacked.

“There is little doubt that organizations have learned a tremendous amount about security in the last five years and are making serious headway in understanding and combating threat,” said Bob Bragdon, publisher of CSO Magazine. “At the same time, we saw signs in this study that organizations think they have things handled, which is concerning given the recent rise in targeted, financially motivated attacks.”

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