Syndera: Driving Intelligence in Operational Performance Management

Bringing the performance management value of BI and process management to operational intelligence

Enhancing operations through a performance and process improvement focus has become one of the largest drivers for organizations adopting operational performance management. The challenge for most organizations is to realize that business process management should start with assessing existing processes, as opposed to automating or controlling these processes. Syndera’s unique approach to assessing, monitoring, and analyzing operational processes and activities through a business-centric model provides them a distinct advantage in the market. Ventana Research believes that assessing the performance of operational processes and monitoring them for business is critical for organizations looking for performance improvement.


The challenge facing organizations is how to enhance operations through performance and process improvement. How to best accomplish this is confusing for most business and IT organizations and even a matter of controversy within the software industry. Most organizations will use business intelligence to analyze operational business results — or worse, just believe upgrading their process automation systems is the best first step for improving performance. Unfortunately, the BI approach introduces latency in getting the operational results, performing analysis and making decisions on what to change — taking weeks if not months in most organizations. This cycle time in many organizations could mean the difference in avoiding massive costs and potentially losing revenue opportunities.

Syndera, a new upstart in the software industry, has a solution which combines activity and process monitoring with analysis to help organizations improve operational efficiency and reduce operational risk. Through activity modeling that operates in real time and connects to operational systems via process monitoring, Syndera monitors operational processes while enabling critical analysis of business activities. With this type of approach, you can quickly assess your operational performance, which can enable you to respond efficiently to business opportunities.

The unique aspect of Syndera’s approach is its simplicity and applicability to business users. Through a simple and easy-to-use method of monitoring and analyzing business activities in a visually-defined business process, Syndera delivers a new way for organizations to improve operational performance. The linking of business process with the actual hardware technology components that support the operational process is an additional Syndera advantage. This linkage helps ensure that there will be a quick notification of hardware/software failures. Ventana Research believes that business users — including management, analysts and line managers — using solutions that monitor the underlying technology systems will find measurable improvements to their operations.

Market Impact

The performance management solutions market has evolved in the last year, with organizations looking to improve the performance of operational processes. Unfortunately, the majority of the traditional business process management solutions lack the ability to assess existing operational processes before automating or changing them. While there is a lot of focus on the business process management technology arena, Syndera is one of the few vendors taking a performance improvement approach aimed at helping organizations to leverage their existing investments in operational applications. Syndera fills a void, providing a link that is required for operational improvement, without requiring a significant investment, such as that required for other solutions like IBM, Oracle and SAP. Syndera will have to accelerate the maturity of its solution by gaining new customers and then driving broader awareness of its company and products.


Organizations looking to assess and improve their operational performance through technology solutions should evaluate Syndera. While the business intelligence market is crowded with many technologies, Syndera has taken a much needed, innovative business approach by combining activity and process monitoring with analysis, creating what they call an operational intelligence solution. Ventana Research asserts that organizations looking to adopt operational performance management should step back and take a performance assessment approach before making any new investments into the transactional and process automation elements of their operation.

Mark Smith is CEO & Senior Vice President of Research at Ventana Research.

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