T-Mobile Unwrapping Motorola Charm Aug. 25

'Affordable' Android 2.1 smartphone is the first to have enhanced Motoblur.
Motorola Charm
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Motorola Charm
The Motorola Charm will be available on Aug. 25 from T-Mobile, according to the manufacturer and carrier. Although pricing information isn't yet available, it is being called an "affordable" smartphone.

The candy bar-style handset will be the first device to come with an enhanced version of Motoblur on Android 2.1, which syncs contacts, posts, messages, photos, and more, according to T-Mobile. The Charm has a QWERTY keyboard, a 2.8-inch touchscreen, and a backtrack navigation pad on the rear of the smartphone to make screen navigation more intuitive, T-Mobile said when the phone was announced in July.

Motoblur combines social networking and work features and automatically syncs contacts from personal and work e-mail and other accounts. If the device is lost or stolen, it can be located from a secure personal information portal and also can be remotely erased, T-Mobile said. Users can connect to already configured networks and e-mail providers to access contacts and messages with just one username and password, the carrier said.

The Charm will provide a customizable user experience for both social and work, combined with "a compact design, easy handling, and all the features you would expect from a smartphone," said Jean Pierre Le Cannellier, VP, Americas marketing, Motorola mobile devices, in a statement when the phone was announced.

The Charm will also be bundled with Google services, including Google Maps, Gmail, and access to Android Market for apps; a 3-megapixel camera; one-touch social media uploads to Facebook, MySpace, Picasa and PhotoBucket; and CrystalTalk Plus for enhanced audio and call quality, T-Mobile said. The device will also push corporate e-mail for instant inbox updates. It will also come with GPS navigation, a memory card slot, Bluetooth, and voice-activated functions.

"With the new Motorola Charm and enhancements to the Android and Motoblur experience, we're bringing more social skills to our broad portfolio of Android-powered smartphones," said Saj Sahay, director of product management, T-Mobile USA, in a statement when the device was announced.

The Charm may launch for under $100 with a two-year service agreement. It is already for sale in Canada through Telus for $29 with a three-year contract.