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Tealeaf Opens Window on Web Customer Experience

Customers don't have to explain every click and message they encountered on your site. By replaying each customer's online experience, Tealeaf closes a customer-support gap.
"I'm sorry, where, exactly, where you on the Web site, and what message did you see?"

It's the kind of question customer service reps have to ask all the time, whether they work for banks, insurers, telcos, airlines, hotel chains or just about any organization that does lots of business online. The trouble is, service reps typically have zero visibility into the online customer experience. Tealeaf is trying to close that gap with two product upgrades announced this week that show exactly what customers did and what went wrong.

In contrast to products that focus on aggregate counts or customer segments, Tealeaf's technology captures and stores every click from every session. The upgraded exReveal product can then replay a particular customer's experience from their log on to their departure from the site. The product can even trace back to portions of a session preceding a transaction or log on.

"The contact center rep can quickly see what needs to be escalated due to a technical problem on the site versus a user mistake or misunderstanding of a particular feature," says John Dawes, vice president of product management.

Enhancements to exReveal include a customizable, browser-based interface for replaying the customer online experience, support-specific templates and a Web services API for standards-based integration with CRM applications such as, Siebel and Remedy. Tealeaf says its software has helped companies increase first-contact resolution rates, reduce call times and escalations, increase agent productivity and quickly spot technical and navigational problems.

Tealeaf has also upgraded its cxVerify product, which preserves a complete record of all online customer interactions and transactions to solve customer disputes and meet e-discovery, compliance and auditing demands. The product embeds the complete Tealeaf record of a session into PDF documents that can be stored, managed and retrieved from leading content and record management systems.

"In contrast to 'snapshotting' tools that save a page view, exVerify shows the complete customer interaction, including the data entered, the pricing shown in connection with a promotional offer - everything the user saw on every page," says Dawes.

The enhanced product supports Web 2.0 applications such as AJAX, Flash and rich media as well as automated storage of constantly changing media objects such as images and video.

The complete Tealeaf CX suite also includes cxView for conversion and usability analysis, and cxImpact and cxConnect for analyzing the impact of customer-support and multi-channel/business-to-business issues.