Tech Workers Third Most-Anxious About Job Security

Employees who are 55 and older are less anxious than those ages 54 and under, Yahoo HotJobs finds.
One-third of Americans feel anxious about losing their jobs, but 61% of employed Americans said they have resolved to find a new job this year, according to a report released this week.

Yahoo HotJobs found that older workers and those in health care were the least anxious among the 940 people who responded to the annual survey in December. Younger workers and those in manufacturing had the most anxiety related to job security, according to the report, released this week.

Just 6% of health care workers said they are anxious about their jobs, and none said they are very anxious. That compares to 27% of employees in manufacturing and operations who are anxious or very anxious about job security. Twenty-three percent of those in construction and facilities were anxious. And those in the technology sector rounded out the list of the top three groups for anxiety over job security, with 20% of technology employees saying they were anxious or very anxious.

"Health care is a recession-proof sector, and one that is growing, making workers more confident in their futures," Tom Musbach, managing editor of Yahoo HotJobs, said in a statement released Thursday. "Positions in this strong section of our economy are not limited to those requiring professional medical degrees, so people with all types of work experience should investigate the jobs that are available within the health care industry."

Employees who are 55 and older were less anxious than those ages 54 and under.

"The job market, not unlike the economy, ebbs and flows, and older members of the workforce are relying on that wisdom to bring them comfort during a particularly challenging time," Musbach said. "Their experience can benefit job seekers everywhere as they face a market that is contracting now but will rebound over time. Meanwhile, staying focused on job-search basics -- such as nurturing one's professional network and keeping an updated resumé -- can help stem anxiety and prevent a career from stalling in 2009."

Seventy-three percent of workers under 54 who said they slightly to very anxious about their job security said they planned to take action, according to Yahoo HotJobs. Plans include networking, updating resumés, applying for new jobs, considering career changes, and broadening skill sets.

"There is no silver bullet for people who are concerned about their job security so they should be employing a broad range of job-search best practices to ensure finding the right next job," Musbach added.

The report found that health care, technology, telecommunications, and retail/sales are the industries with the most job listings now.

Just 6% of respondents said they believe Barack Obama's presidency will improve the job market immediately, and 25% said they are unsure how it will affect the job market. Yet, many more (21%) expressed faith in Obama's ability to lead the country out of economic turmoil.

Fifteen percent of respondents said Obama is likely to worsen the recession with his policies. Twenty-nine percent of respondents said they think it will take many months to recover, regardless of who leads the country.

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