Tibco Aims For Nanosecond Messaging

Business Events 4.0 and new middleware developed with Intel are designed to deliver real-time information.
Business software maker Tibco on Tuesday launched a new line of software designed to help decision makers in a variety of industries access and process information in real time.

The software, Tibco Business Events 4.0, is aimed at financial institutions, government agencies, transportation companies, utilities and other organizations that often depend on live data for critical operations.

As middleware, Business Events 4.0 essentially connects applications to data stores. Tibco said it can process billions of events and manage thousands of rules in real-time through an in-memory architecture that rejects the traditional, disk-based model for events processing.

Business Events 4.0 is part of a new portfolio of products Tibco is unveiling to supports its vision of Enterprise 3.0, under which the company is looking to remove barriers to information access.

"Enterprise 3.0 requires the ability to properly manage the right information at the right place in the right time, even as the volume of events are exploding," said Tibco CEO Vivek Ranadive, in a statement.

"Massively scalable event managing is about speed, flexibility, and simplicity, and we're giving all those benefits to our customers far beyond anything our competitors can deliver," Ranadive claimed.

To support its strategy, Tibco worked with chipmaker Intel to create a new messaging system, dubbed Tibco FTL, that's designed to facilitated real-time, high-throughput data distribution. Tibco claims the architecture can deliver messaging that breaks the microsecond barrier, to deliver latencies that must be measured in nanoseconds.

Tibco FTL is geared to leverage the processing power of Intel's 64-core systems, and will ultimately support the 240-plus core systems on the chipmaker's roadmap.

One company that has tapped Tibco's new technology is utility Xcel Energy Inc., which is looking for ways to reduce outage response times.

Xcel business technology executive Randy Huston said Business Events 4.0, in concert with other systems, should let his company manage service interruptions more effectively by providing managers with instant access to vital data. "We are able to dramatically increase our response time to Smart Grid City customers should there be an outage," said Huston.

Along with Business Events 4.0, Tibco on Monday also launched Active Matrix 3.0, Tibco Silver, Spotfire 3.1, and Tibco Active Spaces, all of which are designed to accelerate business processes and decision making, according to the company.

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