Tibco Unveils 'Network Analytics' For Spotfire

The add-on, which is sold separately, offers a whole new layer of interactive visual analysis on the business activity monitoring suite.
Tibco has introduced a Network Analytics add-on that presents a visual representation of interactions among people, business processes or other entities within Spotfire, the company's in-memory database/analytics software for business activity monitoring.

Tibco this week also released version 2.2 of Spotfire, which introduces new visualizations that add the ability to zoom and rotate in three dimensions in analyzing data. But The Network Analytics add-on, which is sold separately, offers a whole new layer of interactive visual analysis on the BAM suite.

In general, Spotfire lets users take a set of instance data and interactively scatter-plot any metrics against each other, zoom in on a region of interest, filter instances with a slider in real-time and list the instances in the set. The all real-time interactivity is done without coding. (For more details, see industry analyst and consultant Bruce Silver's recent Intelligent Enterprise blog.)

"Spotfire puts a configurable face on standard analytics, not just in display parameters but also in areas like selecting the dimensions to be compared on the fly rather than having them pre-defined in OLAP cubes," Sandy Kemsley, columnist for Intelligent Enterprise said in her blog.

The new add-on takes the analytics a step further by including the ability to see and explore data relationships that would otherwise be hidden in Spotfire. The software provides help in any type of relationship analysis, from identifying e-mail or cell phone traffic patterns to performing social network analysis to analyzing counter-party or supply-chain relationships.

For added flexibility, Network Analytics is exposed through an application programming interface that enable developers to add custom layouts and calculations. Sample code is available through Spotfire.

To help developers in customizing Spotfire further, Tibco launched this week the Technology Netowrk, an online resource that provides how-to information on the product's software development kit and APIs. The Web site includes articles, white papers and other information on customizing applications for any business process, Tibco said.

Spotfire 2.2 starts at about $1,000 per seat. Network Analytics sells for an additional $2,000 a seat.